Phuket in Times of Corona 2020 4k – Camila Cabello – Havana ft. Young Thug (Lost Sky Remix)

Don’t get me wrong. The corona Virus causes many deaths and its worse for the worldwide economy. But what’s on the other side of the medal? Now in any country of the world the people act in the same way. #staythefuckhome is maybe something to see, that we are all humans. No matter if black or white. We are humans, we are one. Lets stop the racist mindset. And there’s even one more thing…. the nature will get be able to enjoy a break. The water in Venice for example got clear again within a week! But what’s happening in Phuket, Thailand now? The Tourists got back to their home countries, and the most Thais, who are working on Phuket, went back home to their families. Even one week after the shutdown on Phuket, we can feel a change here…. Let us tell you more and more about what’s happening on the new Paradise of Phuket now

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Ob Kokosnuss-, Wasserfall- Schnorchel-, Elefanten- oder James Bond-Tour, das Kokusnuss-Restaurant organisiert verschiedene Touren um Phuket und die nähere Umgebung erleben zu können. Je nach Tour werdet Ihr ein paar der schönsten stellen Phukets, Phang Nga, Maiton oder anderen Orten entdecken.